Now that it’s raining more than ever…

It didn’t take long after my arrival in Taipei for me to realize that an umbrella is an essential part of everyday life. In the summer, they are great for helping cut down on overheating while walking in the sun. Sure – they also prevent developing an unfashionable tan, which can be touted as a cultural viewpoint difference from Americans. But more importantly, I find that whipping out an umbrella really is useful to prevent total meltdown when it is already hot and humid and then sunny on top of it all.

A cluster of umbrellas airing out in the hallway at the office in Sinica. Just one of those kinds of days.

And while summer is the time that typhoons may roll in, winter in Taipei is the rainy season. I had heard and read about this since I planned to come to Taiwan, but it wasn’t until last week that I really knew what “rainy season” entails. Since coming back to Taipei after Thanksgiving about a week and half ago, it has rained. And when it’s not raining, it’s drizzling. The rain abated a bit yesterday and my sister and I took the chance to get out and go hiking a bit. By nighttime, it was drizzling/raining again. But today, it was not only not raining, but it was sunny! Glorious sun!

An umbrella stand, which are quite common. Not as common as milk tea stands (and definitely not convenience stores) but still fairly common.

On another note, I think I got out of the habit of writing and slipped into the zone of “waiting for a better topic to come up” by which I really just mean being too lazy / too picky about what inspires me to write. I hope to get back to more regular updates. I would like to continue to try to use this blog as a way to notice and share interesting things around me, even if they are often more along the “mundane” side of life.

I realized that rainy season might require an upgrade from the super-portable umbrella I was already toting to something more dedicated. Something that says “I know it’s raining but I am going out anyway.” Something that says “I know it’s raining but I am FABULOUS anyway.” Hence, the blue and green frilly umbrellas belong to me and my sister. The plaid is a sturdier umbrella/walking stick incarnation which is popular with elderly folks.

Also, I noticed that pictures that I’ve included in the posts aren’t part of the automatic email updates. So click over to the actual blog post to check for pictures – there almost always are some. :)

It’s not raining! We climbed up the small mountains between Xinyi and Nangang (which include The Four Beasts, Elephant Mountain, Mount Thumb, JiuWu Peak, etc. An awesome set of connected trails that are very low-effort to get to.)

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